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When someone passes away without a trust in place, that individual’s estate will pass into the probate courts. Probate is a process wherein the estate is distributed among the decedent’s creditors or beneficiaries, depending on the state of the individual’s finances. This is a necessary process if the estate doesn’t have probate protections in place, but unfortunately it can create a significant number of delays for those who are waiting for their inheritance. There are many tasks involved such as notifying creditors and filing tax returns which the executor may need help with. Working with a Bakersfield probate attorney can help reduce the amount of time an estate sits in probate, so you can move on with your life after the death of a loved one. If you are in need of a probate attorney in Bakersfield or one of the surrounding communities, the Law Office of William Olcott is here to help.

Why a Probate Attorney in Bakersfield Is Needed

If you are entering the probate process, you need the services of a probate attorney. The process ahead can be lengthy and frustrating, and an attorney will help guide you through it so you know exactly what to expect.

A probate attorney will work with the family and the executor of the estate to help understand the terms of the will, if one exists. The attorney may also help if the will is challenged, assisting clients with understanding their rights and responsibilities in this situation. If the estate is responsible for any debts, the probate attorney can help the executor and beneficiaries understand how to best settle those debts. The attorney will also assist in finding assets and beneficiaries, arranging for property appraisal, and preparing and filing all of the documents required by the probate courts.

Compassionate Service for Probate Needs in Bakersfield

At the Law Office of William Olcott, we help, we don’t judge. Even if you have a complicated and contested will, the firm is ready to assist you. When you partner with attorney William Olcott to guide you through the probate process, you benefit from working with a probate attorney who has the best interests of his Bakersfield area clients in mind. Attorney William Olcott approaches each probate case with hard work, honesty and integrity, and he will ensure that you know what to expect as you seek to avoid delays in the probate process. Call the Law Office of William Olcott today to schedule your free consultation with a Bakersfield probate attorney.

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